Difference Between Playing Online and Live Casino Games

There are many differences between playing US online casino games and playing at land-based casinos. These are a few of the main differences between the two, which mostly lies in the fact that at an online casino you’re making bets by clicking buttons on a mouse instead of physically handling chips, and of course cashing out your winnings at the end of play.

Buying Chips at an Online Casino

When playing online casino games, you will not actually be buying chips like would be required to in a live casino. You will simply make a cash deposit to fund your player’s account using Bitcoin, credit card, e-wallet or any funding option accepted by the casino. Once you have made a deposit into your online casino account, as soon as the deposit has been processed successfully, you will see your updated balance reflected in the “cashier”, which you can start playing with.

Buying Chips at a Live Casino

When playing casino games in a live casino however, you can buy chips from a cashier, or right at the casino games table. If you wish to purchase chips from the dealer in order to wager, simply wait for a pause in the play, then place your cash in front of you on the felt to signify you wish to play.

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The dealer will exchange the entire amount you have set on the table, for casino chips of equal value, and then push the chips over to you, so you can begin playing. You should then stack your chips in the rail away from the wagering area, i.e., the grooved area of the casino games table that is provided to keep players’ chips that are not in play.

Keep in mind that the dealer will not make change. He will convert the total amount of your cash to chips. Keep in mind, however, that when playing at a live casino, it is your responsibility to verify that you know the value of each of your chips, and that you have been given the correct amount of chips. Chip colors are standardized in the casino industry to prevent confusion. They’re used to distinguish the monetary value of each chip. Red chips are $5, blue chips $10, green chips $25, black chips $100 and white chips are $1 as well.

Making A Bet in Online Casino Games

There are minor variations from online casino to online casino for making a bet. Generally, they are all pretty well explained and easy to follow. On your online casino games table layout there will only be three clearly marked sections where you may place your wager.

Once you decide where, and how much you wish to wager, you must first click on the chip (the amount) which all have different monetary values. For example, if you decide to make a $50 bet on roulette, you would click twice on the $25 chip. If you change your mind, you can usually draw down, or reverse your bet, by right clicking on the chips you have wagered.

One of the distinct advantages of playing online at casinos like bovada is that most online casinos will offer you the option to either, play for fun, where you risk only play money, or to play for real, where you will risk real money. When playing for fun, you will be given a play chip balance, which you can use to play free casino games until you feel comfortable enough to play for real money, or leave. This enables you to get comfortable with the software, and with the casino house rules. Keep in mind that the minimum and maximum amount you can bet will vary from casino to casino.

Making a Bet in Live Casino Games

After you’ve taken your seat at the live casino games table, you will note that the felt layout has all of the various bets clearly marked. Like the online version, there will be a dedicated betting section available in close proximity directly in front of you. Once you decide where, and how much you wish to wager, you may take one or more of the chips from your stack, and place the wager in the special section.

Cashing Out at an Online Casino

At some point you may wish to cash in some, or all of your online casino account balance. To cash out your winning online, you will have to click the button that says either, “Cashier” or “Withdrawal”. A window will open, asking you to enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and your selected cashout method will be credited the full amount of your deposit. Most casino’s now offer bitcoin as a withdrawal method. If so select bitcoin as it is almost an instant cash-out.

Cashing Out at a Live Casino

When you have finished playing at a land-based casino, you may wish to have the dealer cash out your chips, or it’s also possible to take the winnings yourself to the cashier in order to exchange them for cash.

If you’re holding onto smaller denomination chips at the end of the session, it would be a good idea to “color up” your chips to make it easier for yourself by changing them for larger valued chips. Keep in mind, however, that casino games frequently move very fast and you may be better advised to take your chips to the cashier.

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