How to Get the Online Casino Promotion Bonus

The first thing to remember is that, when going for the online casino promotion bonus, you have a different objective than when you play in a land-based casino. In land-based casinos you are trying to maximize your play, protect your bankroll and make a profit.

When you play for “bonus funds”, your objective is to give the casino enough action to qualify for your online casino promotion bonus offer, while at the same time, keep your bankroll intact.

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O.K., if we agree that we are after the casino bonus offered by the US online casinos, then we will probably also agree that we need to play in such a way that we can maximize the number of decisions per hour. Let’s take roulette as an example: In roulette you make inside bets and outside bets. You can bet on a number, a column, a ‘third”, a “street”, a “quad” and more. You can bet on red/black, odd/even, high/low, etc. Each bet carries the same odds for the house. So how do you decide which to play?

I have found it best to stick with the even-money bets (i.e. “outside bets”, red/black, odd/even, etc.). They are easy to find, and fast to bet. Which one of these outside bets you select is up to you. Remember: these games are essentially random, so spending a lot of time trying to predict which one to play is a waste of your time. The same is true for baccarat and craps. Make the even-money bets and randomize your play decisions for maximum effectiveness.

In blackjack, of course, you can only bet on one “side” (i.e. against the dealer), but you’ll want to make accurate play decisions. That’s where basic strategy comes in.

With the above in mind, here are 10 points that should help you receive your bonus from the online casino as quick as possible:

Carefully read the requirements for receiving the online casino promotion bonus.

Some casinos won’t let you play craps or roulette when accumulating action for the bonus. Others make you play 2x, 3x, or more before you qualify. Some require you to send a written note to receive your bonus. The point is: understand how the bonus works, and what you need to do to qualify for it before you start your play.

Play beyond the minimum wagering requirements.

After reaching the minimum play requirements to qualify for the online casino promotion bonus, use a portion of your profits and play awhile longer. Not so long that you risk giving back your profits to the house, but long enough to give you a “play cushion” should the casino question the amount of action you have given them.

Keep good records.

I cannot stress this point enough. If the casino claims that you haven’t given enough action to warrant the online casino promotion bonus, you’ll need to have documentation on your side to prove them wrong. Yes, I know that most casinos claim to offer a “play record” if you request it, but it is even better if you can provide your own records.

Be patient.

Sometimes the online casino promotion bonus doesn’t show up in your account right away. If you immediately go on the attack questioning where the bonus is, you’ll own encounter resistance. Be patient and, when inquiring about the bonus, be polite. You’ll get better results.

Vary your play.

That means vary the bets you make (progression betting works great here!) and vary the games you play. Make yourself look as much like a “typical” gambler as you can without exposing your bankroll to undue risk.

Reduce the number of cash outs.

I generally first cash out the amount of my deposit (which is credited back to the credit card used to deposit funds). I then allow the remainder of the bankroll to sit until I am finished playing in that particular casino. When I’m finished, I cash out the remainder of the bankroll by requesting a check.

Do not sign up with multiple accounts to get additional bonuses.

The online casino staff will spot you. If you have more than one family member that wants to collect the online casino promotion bonus, make sure to ask the casino first – they usually don’t mind. Just make sure that you follow the casino’s rule there.

Be Nice

If you had a pleasant experience while playing at a particular site, consider writing the casino a thank-you email for both the enjoyable time and the bonus. It’s just a nice thing to do and one that casino operators appreciate.

Additional Bonuses

Once you start playing real money games, the casinos will start to send you additional bonus offers to keep you returning to their site. Pick the best ones. Remember, you’ll have lot’s to choose from.

Refer Friend's

Again, if you have enjoyed your experience with a given online casino, consider referring your friends to play there as well since most casinos offer a refer-a-friend bonus.

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