Super Bowl sends Nevada’s sportsbook to the new heights

Last Sunday the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons showed a great game, which has shown quite some records. The most notable one comes from the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, who has become the first quarterback in NFL with five Super Bowl wins. Even though the game ended in the overtime with the score 34-28 and has shown one of the best come backs in the history of NFL, the New England Patriots were not the only ones setting the records.

The game was seen by the millions, but as reports that the match has also broken Nevada’s record in terms of sports betting. A total size of the bets accounted for 138,500,000 USD, which is roughly 6,000,000 USD or 4.4% higher than the last year’s figure.

Even though the betting volume is increasing, the trend is not the same in the sportsbook income. This year Nevada sports books received a profit of 10,900,000 USD, which is 22% smaller than the last year’s profile of 13,300,000 USD. Considering the total size of the bets, the profit ratio went down from 10.1% to 7.9%. In fact, this is a ninth time in a row when the sports books are closing Super Bowl in the money.

It is also very surprising to see the increase in the NFL betting volumes as the audience of regular sports is currently being taken away by the video games, and the sports books are quickly adapting by offering bets on these types of sports too.

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