Fibonacci Roulette Betting

The Fibonacci number sequence, or Fibonacci Roulette Betting System, is a famous set of numbers that dates back over 700 years. The sequence calculates the next number by adding the previous two numbers in the sequence. For example: 1+1 = 2, 1+2 = 3, 2+3 = 5, 3+5 = 8, 5+8 = 13, etc.

The sequence is used as a roulette betting system while playing roulette in a manner that resembles the Martingale System, but works a bit slower. Instead of doubling the bet every time you lose a hand, the way you would with the Martingale System, the Fibonacci System only has you raise the size of your bet to the next number in the sequence. If you lose a $5 bet your next bet will be $8.

Fibonacci Roulette Example

When you win a round you don’t start over at the beginning of your bet size the way you do in the Martingale System. Instead of starting back at the first bet, you reverse your bet, reducing it the amount of the previous two bets. For example:

  • Bet 1 Lose
  • When you Bet 1 Lose
  • Bet 2 Lose
  • When you Bet 3 Lose
  • Bet 5 Win – cross out 5 and 3
  • Then Bet 2 Lose
  • Bet 3 Win – cross out 3 and 2
  • Bet 1 Win
  • End the sequence (start over with 1 unit)

Winning a hand is followed by a smaller bet. While losing a hand is followed by a bigger bet. This in an attempt to recover most of the previous loss. The changing bet will often keep you in the game a little longer than normal play will, and it’s sure to improve your US online gambling experience as you jump up and down bet sizes.

Betting Systems

Like all betting systems the Fibonacci Roulette System, can produce some positive results for a while. But will not allow you to beat the game with consistency. Eventually you’ll have a run of losses that will force your bet higher than the table limit will allow. Rendering the betting system useless. If you’re lucky enough to double your buy-in or more playing this system it’s in your best interest to cash out your profit. Go find some different action for awhile, like buffalo slot machine. There is no system that can protect you from the eventual losses you will experience on the roulette table.

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