Jackpot Hits Twice at Americas Cardroom’s New Sit & Go 2.0 Tables

Americas Cardroom’s new Sit & Go 2.0 tables have barely been live for 48 hours, but they’re already paying out bigger and more frequently than anyone every predicted. The US facing online poker site today confirmed that jackpots have been hit twice at the new Sit & Go 2.0 tables. Both jackpots hit on the day of launch.

“On the same day we unleashed ACR Sit & Go 2.0, we saw not one but two big jackpots hit,” stated Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris. “Congrats to all the players who won a nice chunk of the $100,000 we started the jackpot off with to get the ball rolling.”

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Sit & Go 2.0 is a lot like regular Sit & Go games, but with an added pre-game that lets players determine the payout structure and compete for a possible jackpot. Sit & Go 2.0 begins with a mini game where all nine players receive one card, face down. As each player flips over a green card, the value of the prize pool increases along with the number of players who are paid out. The payout schedule keeps increasing until a red card is flipped over, at which time the payout schedule freezes.

Sit & Go 2.0 also includes gold cards that add a jackpot component to the game. There are three gold cards present and the size of the jackpot is determined by how many green cards and gold cards are on the table.

If 1 gold card and 9 green cards drop, players activate a Mini jackpot that’s worth 10% of the progressive jackpot. With 2 gold cards and 9 green cards, players activate a Medium jackpot that’s worth 25% of the progressive jackpot. And with 3 gold cards and 9 green cards, the Mega jackpot is activated, awarding 75% of the progressive jackpot.

The first jackpot was hit on Wednesday, March 15th at 5:51pm at a $5.50 Sit & Go 2.0 table, awarding a $2,265.91 prize pool after one gold card hit. LameDubmmy won the lion’s share of the jackpot, finishing first for $526.17. The second jackpot was hit at a $10+1 table after 2 gold cards landed, awarding a $10,000 prize pool. Online poker player NoBraina conquered the Sit & Go 2.0 game, winning $2,586.46.

It should be noted that with all 9 green cards revealed, all 9 players ended up receiving cash, making Sit & Go 2.0 a groundbreaking new take on traditional Sit & Go games, which usually pay out only a handful of spots.

More information on Sit & Go 2.0 can be found Here