The Advantage Blackjack has over Poker

Poker is making big strides from all angles whether from US online casinos to the enormous World Series of Poker, but when it boils down to everything Blackjack remains the biggest and more exciting game to play on the casino floor. You only need to look at how busy the blackjack tables are at land-based casinos for proof of this.

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The game of Blackjack is quick, there is no need for players to sit around and wait for people to gather their thoughts wondering what their opponent’s next move will be. It all comes down to hitting your hand and getting another card or standing to try and beat the dealer and that is all that is needed.

BlackJack Or Poker Convience

Blackjack is the most convenient game to study. Because the aim of blackjack is to hit 21 or to get closer than the dealer does. There is really not a lot of strategy that needs to be learned in the game to play in an optimal manner. Compared to poker which is a much more complex game with many factors that come into play.

You are made to compete against the dealer in blackjack. Which is not a common thing in playing poker. This is a better alternative because primarily there is no need to worry about the thoughts of the other players. This is not regarded as an edge. There is no need to be concerned about body language, timing tells and the like. Which you have to concern yourself with when playing poker.

Scoring 21 or getting blackjack is the main objective resulting to automatic victory and that’s all you have to concern yourself with. By all means poker is an appealing game, but how many times do you get a Royal Flush? You’ll be lucky to see it once it your live playing career. In Blackjack there is a possibility of getting a Blackjack in one session and it provides more excitement than a guy with a pair of 7s defeating a player with a pair of 4s.


In blackjack, winning the game lies in the player’s hands, it is the same with poker, but if you are beaten by someone else there are no way you can put the blame on the dealer. Most people would argue on blaming the dealer. The dealer has only shuffled the cards. There is no one to blame for losing except yourself. It concerns your style of play. So it is easier to blame a loss in a hand than in poker.

Searching the game that you can associate yourself with is the game you should stick to playing. There are many poker players and many poker rooms that can be found on the internet. If it is blackjack then find your spot in the blackjack section of the casino platform. There should be multiple blackjack variants to choose from. With all the blackjack benefits mentioned here, it is without a doubt that blackjack is the best game in the world of US online casino gambling.

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